Welcome to our on-site massage service:


We offer a mobile massage service for companies, fairs and events. From 5 appointments in a row we come to you and bring our massage chair and equipment to massage your employees.


ShiatsuMobil is a 20 minute rejuvenating on-site massage that is carried out on a specially designed ergonomic chair. The person receiving the treatment remains fully clothed and no oils are used.


ShiatsuMobil is an unique technique developed from traditional Shiatsu and designed for people working in offices as it especially helps to relieve stress in the neck, back and shoulders. It is an ideal stress management and a 20 minute vacation for body and mind that brings you back relaxed, refreshed, alert, creative, energised and with a smile on your face. ShiatsuMobil is recommended as a weekly care to get the most benefit and long-term results.


Our well-trained practicioners are looking forward to treat you!

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ShiatsuMobil - Vitalisierende Massagen für Büros, Messen, Events